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Random bits and bobs

i've not been to the gym in two weeks. i feel like such a clug for not going, but i've been uber busy. i've almost finished the play i was asked to write. i need to start rehearsals for that within the next week. i'm trying to co-ordinate travel and lodging for a conference i want to go to in august.

these are all excuses for why i haven't gone, but truth be told if i really wanted to go, i'd make time. the whole reason i signed up for this gym was because a "friend" asked me to join with her. in the two months since i've joined we've gone together once. i'm rather irked about the whole thing.

i've been eating fairly well. i tend to eat better in the spring and summer anyways. i'm working on it.

take that look off your face...

either i'm crabby or people are just stupid. i'm going with option b. i have just about had it with people today. i'm dealing with some pure idiots today. one chick called up wanting to have her daughter seen by someone today, which is fine, but the reason was because she was seen in the er and the dr there didn't give her any medication for her pink eye. (there are 2 different types, one viral and one bacterial.) the dr said it was the viral kind and they would just have to let it run it's course. so she calls up nurse direct and they tell her that it's probably bacterial and the daughter should be seen. now, if a dr told me something was viral, i'm pretty sure i'd believe him. what with him being a DR and all.

the full moon was last week, but i swear all the crazies are coming out this week! i've been assured by my nurses it's not just me, they've been dealing with them as well.

i had this whole plan to go christmas shopping over the weekend and ended up spending the whole weekend in bed. grr... i truely hate being sick. and now i am coughing incessently. double grr... saw the np today, she gave me an inhaler and some cough suppressent. i'm still waiting for them to work. it doen't seem to be as bad, but still coughing occasionaly. oh well. hopefully will be better by end of the week. i need to go shopping this weekend or i won't have time to go before christmas. on the plus side by being confined to the house, i was able to finish my christmas cards, so those will go out in the mail tomorrow.


i heard a song on the radio this morning talking about how the dad hoped to instill in his daughter the value of giving to those less fortunate. it was a nice song, but it got me to thinking and a memory popped into my head that i had to share.

i must have been 11 or 12 and my mom and i were taking my gram shopping. i'm not sure what time of year it was. so we're in the car waiting for traffic to clear so we can get across the street and there's this guy sitting on the corner with one of those cardboard signs saying something like need money to feed my kids or will work for food. i can't remember the specific phrase. anyway, my mom digs out $10 and tells me to go give it to him. so i get out of the car and hand it to him, and he thanks us. i get back in the car and we drive away. i'm not sure what ever happened to him, but it made me feel good to help someone else out.

i had totally forgotten about that moment until i heard that song this morning. i realize now that that's what my mom was trying to instill in me.

for everything there is a season...

still have the head ickies. had a brief moment where almost thought it was the flu, but realized it wasn't. i don't have any flu symptoms. really wish the pounding in my head would stop though. gets irritating when trying to sleep.

had last meeting with my counselor today. she has "released" me. i have accomplished the goals i set for myself... well mostly. i am still working on the weight issue, but i now realize it is an attainable goal i just have to take it one step at a time. so after the holidays i will be going back on the weight watchers plan. i am not going to go to the meetings for two reasons... 1. the meetings in this area are at times that i can't attend and 2. i feel that they are a waste of time. i am basically paying them $11 a week to weigh me. i can do that at home for free. and i have all the materials since i stayed there for 6 months so i have what i need to do the program, i just need to commit to doing it.

shopping this weekend will be a little nicer as i now have 2 25% off coupons for barnes and noble... only my favouritest bookstore ever! and since that is where i am getting a couple pressies it will make it that much easier for me to buy other stuff. speaking of shopping, i finally found a new winter coat. i had to get a new one as the one i have is just a smidge too small right now. not only did i get the coat, but when i got home, my mom gave me two v. cute tops and a corduroy skirt that she had picked up for me. so now i have an excuse to go buy some tights, new shoes, and a new shirt to go with the skirt! i'd wear one of the shirts she gave me, but they are sleeveless and it is dreadedly cold outside.

edit: was going to pick sick as mood, but it showed the flower vomiting... wrong on so many levels!!!
i've finally added a photo! actually i should say i've finally figured out how to add a photo. i'm not feeling too hot today. have a bit of a head thing going on. i swear i can't go a whole month without my sinuses getting clogged up. we've been seeing quite a few sick people at the office lately as well. i'm usually not so susceptible to nasties like this. i'm denying illness though.

i've started writing my christmas cards, so those will be out by the ends of the week. (p.s. sarah, i need you addy again. i thought i put it my pda, but it's not there. thanks.)

i'm going to get my shopping done this weekend. can't wait to start. this is the first year in many that i have some actual $$ to spend on family and friends.
we got our first "official" snow fall today. it's official because it stuck to the ground. we've had flakes in the last couple weeks, but nothing stuck. i'd say we probably got 1/2 inch or so. at least where i am. the southern part of the state got more. and now the sun is shining. go figure. as the saying goes only in wisconsin. :)

i've been lurking around the holiday wishes community granting wishes. i posted a list of my own also, but i'm having so much fun granting others wishes. if you haven't been you should go check it out. it's much fun.

i was able to help a co-worker out today and she doesn't even know it! while i was at lunch, i brushed the snow off from her car. she is older and handicapped so it is hard for her. so when she went to lunch her car was all clean, no snow anywhere. i only wish i could have seen her face. she's such a lovely person.

i'm supposed to go to the comedy club tonight and i have no desire to go. i just want to go home and curl up with a cup of hot tea. i only hope the comic makes it worth the trip.
it is super cold today. course to me anything below 50 is super cold. seriously though it's only like 19 degrees outside. i am not a fan of cold weather. i'd rather it be sunny and warm all the time. then maybe i wouldn't have so many damn problems with depression. i've been feeling low the last few days again. i can't pin point what is wrong or what triggered it. i'm going to go buy some light bulbs next week that are supposed to do what the sun does, but without the harmful rays. i am going to put one in my bedside lamp and turn it on when i get up in the morning to see if it helps me wake up better.

i'm officially addicted to the sims 2. i got it a week ago and i've been up till 11:30 most nights since then playing it. right now i am building a house, i'm almost done with it, just have to finish the walls on the lower level. then i can build a sim and move them in. i need to get the pets, university, and open for business expansion packs yet.

i'm hoping for a white christmas this year. it's been awhile since we've had snow at christmas and i miss it.
so, my favorite band is up for a couple awards at the billboard awards next week. send all good vibes available towards blue october next monday dec 4. being nominated is a huge honor for them and winning would truely be a dream come true!

Nov. 8th, 2006

so, we buried my uncle today. the funeral was last night. having it split up on two days was really tough. i can't even write the words to describe how i feel. i've been kind of distant due to issues that happened years ago, but now... i don't know, i've never really been close to my cousins, but i guess i'd like to be closer to them. i really didn't expect to be so upset by this.